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Welcome to your new Help Center!

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  1. Jill

  2. Posted


  1. John reeves

    This website is straight up fraud don't have nothing better to do then steal people money
  2. Wendy Peck

    I thought I cancelled this please cancel my order immediately and refund my money I've already reported this to the attorney general I expect you will cancel my subscription

  3. Jim W

    How did a 5.95 flashlight become a 39.95 purchase? FRAUD. You will be hearing from the NYS Attorney Generals Office (Fraud Division) in the not too distant future.

  4. Mikemims1026

    Can you please send me the email to confirm the account has been cancelled 

  5. Shane Murphy

    Can y'all please send me my flashlight

    I still have not received it from 2 weeks ago

  6. Flame Faye

    I didn’t approve the 40 dollar sumn charge on my card and I need my refund 

  7. Bob-stella

    I never approved the charge for the membership for the Gear Club.  Plus inform Ciiti Card of this fact.

  8. Pam Wells

    I told them they could keep their f****** flashlight send me my money all of it and now

  9. Jon Langworthy

    I too misread the free cover for the flashlight. Nothing is free, If it sounds to good to be true, it is usually a scam, and it will bite you.  They tell you the flashlight is free, BUT, $5.95 for shipping is not free, and they will more than likely add sales tax to the shipping, of which is not legal. Shipping is labor and postage is U.S. Postage of which are not taxable; and to add more insult they will charge the wrong tax rate. I live in Clovis, tax rate is .07975, and they charge Fresno tax rate which is .0835. You say not much difference,  Try spending thousands and see how much difference it makes.. Try buying a car at $43,000. and multiply  the tax rate to that. Los Angeles tax rate is 10.50%  Yes it makes a difference on where they charge the tax rate..

  10. Patricia Carmack

    WTF??? I never approved any withdrawal from my account, other than the $5.95! Look I'm a disabled senior living on my social security that is under $800. Please return my $41.95 to my account. That's my grocery money ...