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Welcome to your new Help Center!

Welcome to your new Help Center!

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  1. Jill

  2. Posted


  1. Jeff Anderson

    I want my money all of it your services is the worst over charging. 

  2. Wesley Griffin

    I would like my $39.95 back plus the 5 extra months you charged me I paid the $10.77 with no extra charge so you have stolen from me as well as the other people. So I ask that you repay what you have stolen without my permission or consent.

  3. James Michael Drake

    I want my $39.95 back because I paid for the flash light shipping but you did not have permission to take $39.95 extra from my bank account.

  4. James Michael Drake

    I ordered a flash light for $10.77 and had a charge I did NOT authorize for $39.95 and I can't find out how to get my money back this is a messed up scam in my opinion.

  5. Karl Gulledge

    I ordered a flashlight for $10.61 I found two charges on my account and I didn't authorize but the one so would someone care to explain it to me 

  6. Desiree’ Trez

    Just ordered a flashlight for $10.61. Found 2 charges on my bank statemen!,, one I authorized for $10.61, one I did not authorize for $42.60!
    can’t reach them by email or through their site! 😡😡🤬😡😤😭😤😤🤬🤬🤬

  7. michelle zbacnik

    I ordered the survival backpack  back in november!  What a scam you should be reported for fraud....

  8. April Mathis

    Cancel whatever order you have me listed listed for.  April Mathis

  9. Hakim Neely-Sabir

    Well yesterday after like two weeks I actually got my knife I paid for I was sketchy about the website because I put all my information in right after checking myself after them telling me I put the wrong info in but I guess they just wanted me to go back to website to buy more stuff. Which I should’ve did in the first place BUT  I got my stuff from ordering it on January 5th to January 20th so it took a while but I did get my stuff for sure!

  10. daniluz Feliciano

    I don't even know why they withdrew that money because I don't even know what this page is about